Thalia Tea Company - Brand Identity

I recently completed a full brand identity package for a Los Angeles based tea company. It includes everything from multiple variations of a logo to every form of packaging design the company would need. The client specifically wanted to achieve a modern yet representational brand aesthetic that perfectly fit their business and goals going forward.


The first step in completing the brand identify was designing a representational logo for the client and providing several variations of that logo to be used across things like business cards and packaging. The logo needed to be extremely versatile and have a definite style that was to be replicated across the entire brand package.

Along with the initial logo, I also designed several brand assets to fill out things like the packaging and the website. These assets include things like an iconographic, representational pattern to be used as background design on packaging and business cards. The client also requested that I incorporate some of their slogans and phrases into a few of these graphic assets.

Bee Friendly - Logo

The University of Oregon Urban Farm department was looking for a new logo with several variations for use on things like t-shirts, hats, tote bags, etc. As far as the style goes, it was left up to my choice, and I ended up presenting four different variations with two similar color palettes.

PopUp App - LOGO & UI/UX

Popup is an app that aims to serve as a social medium for people wanting to attend local concerts, stand up, and shows. The client asked for a minimalistic and modern design for logo as well as the UI/UX within the app. The inspiration for the logo stems from the common location icon as well as a clean and simple 'P.'

In order to create the UI/UX for the different pages within the app I first created a series of minimalistic icons to be used on the dock within the app as well as on the various different pages. The client wanted to maintain the color scheme and modern design aestheitc that was established with the logo throughout the entire app. 

Lookout Creative Agency - Logo & Branding

This project was actual done just for practice and not for a specific client. I ended up really liking how it turned out, so I decided to share it. The first step in creating this brand package was creating a logo mark as well as a monogram that represented the company name. Next I translated that mark and monogram into several different logo and brand element variations. As far as the color palette goes, I was pretty set on this color scheme from the start of the project as I thought it looked modern and professional.

True North Brewery - Logo & Branding

True North is an up and coming brewing company starting up in Eugene, Oregon. For their design, they asked for something modern and minimalistic with an easily recognizable color palette. I started by designing an iconographic logo mark, and then translated it into a badge as well as rectangular logo variation. Next, using the same style and color palette as the logo, I designed a beer label as well as some brand assets for use on other products within their business.

Pacific Lobster - Badge Logo

For this project, the client specifically requested from the start for me to design a badge style logo for them. They wanted something modern yet playful, that would also be very versatile. The first step was creating an actual logo mark to be the centerpiece of the badge. Next, I designed two variations of the badge using the same content in order to provide the client with a couple of options. 

Bay Avenue Coffee - Logo and Packaging

This project is a full rebranding and packing design for a San Francisco based coffee company. The company wanted something modern yet still somewhat representational of the area where their business is located. The first step was creating a logo and an alternate variation of that logo. The next step was creating a verisitle packaging design to be used in store on the coffee packages themselves. The client specifically requested that their logo be versatile enough to be used on various products and brand assets that would be present in their business such as bags, mugs, etc.

Jeffrey Vallis - Logo

Jeffrey Vallis is a creative freelance writer based out of Toronto, Canada. For the logo, he specifically asked for something representational that also emphasized the creative aspect of his business and not just the writing portion. He also asked for the design to have a cartoon-like, playful feel and aesthetic. I designed an original logo mark for him and then incorporated some text into it along with the mark.

WaterMelon Bust - logo

Watermelon Bust is a charity event that takes place at the University of Oregon. This year the event raised $12,000 for the Feeding America charity organization. For this event I designed a t-shirt log that was bought by over 300 people. The design was also formatted for and spread all over social media as well as printed on 12x4 foot banner.


Personal Branding

Instead of going for a two letter monogram, I decided to go with just the 'C' for my personal logo. I wanted something clean and simple that would work well on business cards, resumes, and other things of that nature.

For my personal business cards, I wanted to incorporate my personal logo onto the front of the card and make it the center of attention, while still keeping it simple and clean. I wanted to showcase my design style on the back of the card with a small illustration. I decided to display my information as well as my name in large colored letters within and around the illustration.